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Actually Mercruiser has been fighting vapor lock problems with there EFI systems since the beginning. The metal fuel lines and fuel pumps get so hot after the engine shuts off it boils the fuel. They generally wont vapor lock while running, only after shut down and trying to re-start. Vapor lock is the bane of summer for boaters.

Vapor pump lock

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This kit will help a vapor locked engine to restart. IT DOES NOT CURE VAPOR LOCKING! The engine may still bog on accelera tion. Kit contains a low pressure electric fuel pump, Check Valve Kit and installation in structions.

Figured I would  Disconnect the fuel line from fuel tank(s).

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Often systems will leak air but not fuel. Vapor lock was far more common in older gasoline fuel systems incorporating a low-pressure mechanical fuel pump driven by the engine, located in the engine compartment and feeding a carburetor. Such pumps were typically located higher than the fuel tank, were directly heated by the engine and fed fuel directly to the float bowl inside the carburetor. Vapor lock happens when the temperature of the fuel heats up enough to transform it from liquid to vapor.

Vapor pump lock

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KRAL. Understanding VFDs.

Due to this, the fuel pump operation gets disrupted, resulting in complete stalling or loss of power in the carburetor. Fix vapor locked gasoline pump 1 January, 2018. I had a need for gasoline in 5°F / -15°C weather. When I pulled up, everyone was complaining that the pumps were unusably slow, just a few hundredths of a gallon per second. After everyone stopped pumping for 30 seconds, the system escaped vapor lock and pumping resumed as normal.
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Vapor pump lock

vapor lock on hot days. • Find out what the RVP of the fuel in the boat’s fuel tank is. 11 to 15 RVP (cool to cold weather) fuel will change from liquid to a vapor at lower fuel temperature than 8 to 10 RVP (warm to hot weather) fuel will. Refilling the boat’s fuel tank with lower RVP fuel will decrease the chance of vapor locking.

This pump  An air-lock (or vapor lock) is a restriction of, or complete stoppage of liquid flow caused Sahara MK2 is the only automatic bilge pump that eliminates air-locks!
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Electric fuel pumps are designed to push fuel and they loose efficiency when pulling fuel from the tank. I do not recommend by passing the mechanical fuel pump when an electrical pump is installed. Many operators have problematic pumps that continue to vapor lock. This is a result of too much air entrainment in the process. Unconventional Solution.