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to end a phone conversation: 2. a permanent and unreasonable feeling of anxiety about a…. Learn more. You hang up firstNooo you hang up first!Ok!*hangs up*SHE HUNG UP ON ME! Traduzioni in contesto per "hang up on me" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: Do not hang up on me this time, fella. Don't hang up on me!(정말 죄송합니다. 전화를 끊지 마세요) hang up on someone의 형태로 전화를 끊는 대상을 표현합니다. hang up 다음에 the phone을 추가해보면 'Don't hang up the phone on me!'로 바꾸어 보면 '나에게(me) 붙어 있는(on) 전화기(the phone)를 걸다(hang up)라는 그림으로 이해를 할 수 있습니다.

Hang up on me

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having a hang-up (= feeling of worry about yourself): 2. having a hang-up (= feeling of worry…. Learn more. My computer hangs and even if i format the computer it doesn’t work.can u help me? I had put kaspesky internet security 2010 and if i install it it doesn’t open on start up and i checked in msconfig it was ticked.Help!!!

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in sports] die Schuhe an den Nagel hängen [fig.] to hang up sth. somewhere else [in order to remove it, tidy up] etw. weghängen automatic Hang Up. 167 likes · 29 talking about this.

Hang up on me

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เดี๋ยวก่อน อย่าวางสายใส่ผม. You may as well hang up your jockey strap!

I've never heard either. They just hung up on you. I agree with Skippy  19 ม.ค. 2015 แต่ถ้า I'm hung up on you. หมายถึง ฉันป่วยด้วยโรครักเธอเข้าแล้ว เหมือนกับ love-sick cr.
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Hang up on me

Inbound, connected or outbound.

Collins Cobuild English dictionary: hang up. means the same as hang: "I found his jacket, which was hanging up in the hallway"..
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Exemplos: el televisor, un piso. I've got a hang-up about the size of my hips. Definition of HANG UP (phrasal verb): stop using a telephone; hang a piece of clothing on something; stop using something you used to use; leave your 2019-10-22 · In my quest to do this, he hung up the phone on me. I was shocked. I was just trying to help, not have him act like a child, be uncommunicative, and hang up on me! After that, My computer hangs and even if i format the computer it doesn’t work.can u help me?